Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Susan Boyle Hollywood Movie

Susan Boyle - Hollywood Movie

Susan Boyle is doing well ! Singing and making millions - a genuine success story - her DVD of I Dreamed a Dream is one of the best-selling items on Amazon this Christmas !

After an appearance on a talent show - Britain's Got Talent - life has not been the same for Susan Boyle . She has appeared on Larry King Live, she has been interviewd on numerous US talk shows, the council has put up a new fence around her house ! CDs with a track of her signing Cry ME A River have been sold on Ebay for over £1000.

Now it appears there is to be a Hollywood movie of her life ! Talk about a weird and nutty world !

According to the Mirror, a showbiz insider said: "Everyone wants a piece of Susan Boyle. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hollywood makes a film all about her overnight success. It would be a real rags to riches story."

Boyle has apparently already received an offer from US film-maker Darla Rae, who runs Film-It Productions in Colorado.

"Susan’s real-life story is just what my movie Section B is about - chasing your dream no matter what,"

"When Susan stepped on to the stage and began to sing, tears welled up in my eyes.

"As I watched her, I felt a connection and realized she would be perfect for one of my films," she said.

But Simon Cowell is keen to keep any multi-million pound movie deal in the hands of his own production company Syco.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Susan Boyle Gets New Fence!

Celebrity News - Susan Boyle Ebay CD Sales and a New Gate

As predicted, Susan Boyle is now an Ebay sensation too. There are at the moment 7 copies of the charity CD on which she features, being offered for sale, with current prices ranging from around £100 to over £1000 ($1400). Only 1000 copies of the CD were produced. although given her fame it would seem sensible for the production company - Whitburn Community Council - to produce some more !

The 47-year-old singing phenomenon from Blackburn, Scotland has in the meantime become a bigger internet star than Barack Obama himself, as her BGT performance has now attracted 85 million hits, Barack Obama's election victory speech only got 18.5 million.

One of the CDs on auction is apparently a personal gift from Susan Boyle, and includes a Christmas card signed by her!

Eddie Anderson the previous editor of the West Lothian Herald and Post, has donated his copy of the CD to Livingston FC to raise funds.

Miss Boyle in the meantime has announced that she has had a meeting with music label Sony BMG, presumably with Syco which is run by Simon Cowell.

Livingston FC has said they would be happy to organize a live concert at Almondvale Stadium.

According to those who know, Susan Boyle could make £3 million over the next 12 months - a bit of a change for someone who was unemployed two weeks ago. .

Speaking of her childhood she has said: "Words often hurt more than cuts and bruises and the scars are still there. The ones who were mean to me then are now nice to me.

"I still see the kids I went to school with because we all live in the same area.

"They accept me now. And look at me – I've had the last laugh."

In a sudden rush of activity the council gave her priority in their "fence replacement programme", and installed a new gate at her home. Surely proof that the power of celebrity knows no bounds !

Monday, 20 April 2009

Competition for Susan Boyle

Celebrity News - Susan Boyle or Shaheen Jafargholi?

One week after Susan Boyle became a global superstar after her audition on "Britain's Got Talent," a twelve-year-old Welsh boy has been praised for his "life-changing" performance on the talent show.

Shaheen Jafargholi got a standing ovation from Simon Cowell but his audition had not started well when Cowell halted the audition after just one verse of the Zutons' song "Valerie."

Cowell told Jafargholi "You've got this really wrong. What do you sing apart from that?"

Jafargholi said he could sing "Who's Loving You," by Smokey Robinson and sang it so perfectly that Cowell, Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden rose to their feet to applaud him.

Cowell said to him "This is how one song can change your life. This may be the start of something special for you young man."

Piers Morgan has said Jafargholi could be a challenger to Susan Boyle for the show's $146,000 first prize.

"Once Simon got him to sing the right kind of song for his voice, he was sensational. Like a young Stevie Wonder," Morgan said.

Jafargholi said he had been singing since the age fo two. "When I was a bit older my mum got me some singing lessons and my voice just got bigger and bigger. Hopefully this is going to be my big break."

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Susan Boyle's Larry King Apperance

Celebrity News - Susan Boyle Sings on Larry King Live

After her outstanding performance on Britain's Got Talent Susan Boyle has been much in demand. She has already appeared on talk shows in the US and is rumoured to be appearing on Oprah Winfrey's show some time soon. But in the meantime she has definitely been on Larry King Live as you can see for yourselves if you have a look here - Larry King - where she gave an extraordinary impromptu rendition of Celine Dion's 'My Heart Will Go On' - prompting Piers Morgan to declare she had the voice of an angel.

Susan Boyle who is 47 years old and an unemployed charity worker stunned the skeptical audience on BGT with her amazing performance of "I Dreamed a Dream". Since then she has been catapulted into stardom and now has a legion of awestruck fans !

Piers Morganand Simon Cowell are talking of major recording contracts and world tours. Susan, however, says she is just concentrating on preparing for the live semi-finals for the show in May. She is odds-on favourite to win but there are other very talented people still in the show, so there is nothing certain.

Susan also says she has does not have any plans for a makeover and says all the media attention hasn't changed her. Although she has said that she "certainly won't be lonely anymore."

Friday, 17 April 2009

Oprah Invites Susan Boyle

Celebrity News - Susan Boyle on Oprah

Susan Boyle Cry Me a River Clip

After singing in front of Simon Cowell and the panel on Britain's Got Talent, overnight Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle has been invited to sing on Oprah Winfrey's show. It seems her life is destined to change a bit !
susan boyle I dreamed a dream simon cowell net celebs
A spokesman for Oprah said to AFP that Susan Boyle had caught Oprah's attention and had been invited to be a guest, although no dates were given.

A Youtube video of Susan Boyle's extraordinary performance on 'Britain's Got Talent' last weekend has so far been watched more than 21 million times.

Demi Moore said she was moved to tears by the performance, and the story has had an impact worldwide, with interviews being requested by US and Australian channels amongst others.

Susan Boyle has a remarkable talent which was recognized by the audience and the panel on Britain's Got Talent as she sang a very difficult song 'I Dreamed A Dream' from the musical 'Les Miserables' based on the Victor Hugo novel.

Susan Boyle was born in 1961 and is a Scottish church volunteer and amateur singer. Her performance was so amazing that she has been called "The Woman Who Shut Up Simon Cowell", which is not quite true but it makes a good quote.

The original show and audition was recorded in Scotland in January 2009.

Simon Cowell is said to be setting up a contract with Ms Boyle with his Syco Music company label, a subsidiary of Sony Music.

Unfortunately I can't embed the Youtube video - you need to go here Susan Boyle -

She also recorded a version of Cry Me a River which is even better than the song she sang on the TV show

Monday, 13 April 2009

Robyn Gibson Files for Divorce

Celebrity News - Mel Gibson's wife Files for Divorce

According to Associated Press, after 28 years of marriage Mel Gibson's wife Robyn has filed for divorce.

Court records show that Robyn Gibson has filed the petition in Los Angeles, giving as reason "irreconcilable differences".

The petition doesn't give any further details. Robyn Gibson is seeking jewelry and some other property, and joint custody for their son, aged 9.

The couple were married in June 1980.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Obamas Portuguese Water Dog Puppy

Celebrity News - Obamas Choose Portuguese Water Dog as Family Pet

Bo - Video of the Obamas' Hypoallergenic Portuguese Water Dog

Celebrity News Bo Obama Portuguese Water Dog Malia Sasha Obama Hypoallergenic DogThe hypoallergenic first puppy has finally been chosen or so says the Washington Post. It is a 6-month old Portuguese Water Dog (or PWD) which was given to the Obama family as a gift by Edward M. Kennedy- the senator for Massachusetts,

Malia and Sasha Obama have decided to call it Bo, because their cousins have a cat called Bo and because Michelle Obama's father was nicknamed Diddley - will it become known a Bobama?

Bo has black fur with a white chest, white paws and a white goatee beard.

The dog will be officially sworn in on Tuesday but the news has of course already leaked.

Bo is already extremely well-trained he sits when the girls sit, stands when they stand and has no unfortunate carpet episodes. He has apparently been getting private tuition from the Kennedys' dog trainers at a secret location outside Washington.

Sasha was excited whereas Malia was mor einterested in "responsibility issues" like training Bo etc...

"Malia has done extensive research," a White House source said.

There will no doubt be a whole new industry created in Portuguese Water Dogs as a result the Obamas' decision but a White House spokesman said that Portuguese Water Dogs "are not for everyone. They're very energetic. They play, play, play. Then they sleep."

They also need a lot of room to exercise.

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No decision has yet been made about where Bo will sleep. Feeding and walking times also still need to be decided.

A dog is a new experience for erveryone concerned - Sasha and Malia have never had a pet before and neither the first lady nor the president had dogs when they were children.

The Portuguese Water Dog was always high on the list to become the Obama family dog as Malia Obama has allergies.

It was Edward Kennedy who lobbied for a PWD as he has three: Sunny, Splash and Cappy.

The Kennedys said: "We couldn't be happier to see the joy that Bo is bringing to Malia and Sasha. We love our Portuguese Water Dogs and know that the girls -- and their parents -- will love theirs too."

The Obamas did however say they wanted a rescue dog but PWDs almost never end up in shelters. Bo had previously been living with another family, but it wasn't a good fit, so the Kennedys acquired him for the Obamas.

Given the pledge they made about rescue dogs the Obamas have decided to make a donation to the D.C. Humane Society.